Breast Augmentation, Enlargement & Implants Melbourne - Rhinoplasty (Nose Jobs)

Cosmetic enhancements are fast gaining popularity as an appropriate and rewarding lifestyle choice ... and many people are coming to realise that they needn't be radical. Discover the many choices you have to look and feel your best. It is our hope that you will find Cosmetic Surgery Web site among the most helpful and informative. Keep up to date and receive information on the latest "Cosmetic Surgery eNews."

Peter Dixon is a highly-experienced, trained and accredited plastic surgeon providing services including rhinoplasty, nose jobs, liposculpture and breast augmentation from a Melbourne clinic. Browse some of our services below.


If you answer YES to the following questions, you should be confident in proceeding further with investigating cosmetic enhancement:

  • You are generally happy with your appearance, but feel that you could improve your self-confidence by enhancing certain areas of your body.
  • Looking good is an important part of your profession and lifestyle.
  • You believe your own personal beauty is being the best that "you" can be and not necessarily what is considered beautiful in the media or by others.

Peter L Dixon F.R.A.C.S. "For sound advice on Cosmetic surgery". For breast augmentation and rhinoplasty in Melbourne, contact us today.

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